Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mini Presentation and Summary - UFOs

A Steps:

1 Write the first sentence (the topic sentence or thesis sentence).

2 Pick out main ideas.

3 Delete sub-points and examples.

4 Delete irrelevant information.

5 Include everything that is important.

6 Answer the six questions: who, what, when, where, why, how.

7 Use your own words.

8 Follow the order of the original article.

9 Do not plagiarize anyone else's work.

B) Introduction to UFOs:

Today, you will conduct online research into the topic 'UFOs'. Make notes about the information you find online, and then write a short summary giving the important information. Remember to use paraphrasing in your summary. You can present your information to the rest of the class during your next class.

C) Outline:

Title: UFOs

I definition

II aim (to enlighten reader)

III results (what you discovered)

IV conclusion

V bibliography written in correct form

D) Steps:

1 Type UFO(s) in a search box.

2 Check out the information in 3 websites.

3 Take notes.

4 Write a summary recording the most important points.

5 Answer the questions who, what, when, why, how, and where.

E) Note:

1) You will find great information in:

You can read about UFOs, join a chat group, and watch video clips using this site. You can even send an email to Koffi Annan here, if you click on http://worldwidecontactpetition.msn.

2) Another great site is:

F) Songs and Movies:

Do you know any movies or songs about UFOs? What are their names?



G) Discussion:

Can you answer these questions?

1 What happened at Roswell?

2 What are alien abductions?

3 Do you think there really are UFOs?
Why or why not?

H) Websites for Summary Writing:

1 Go to and read the information on the screen.

2 You will find more information in

I) Further practice:

You can write a summary of today's news, or a summary of a film or video you have watched, or a book you have read.