Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Secondary Links for Students and Teachers

1 Calendars
Make your own calendar, with Saturday as the first day of the week.

Information and ideas on using the WWW and computers for teaching. You can share your own ideas and questions.

3 Various
Extensive CALL links
Extensive list of CALL links
Extensive CALL links
Links to various CALL related sites
Links to other sites

4 Clip Art
Practice using clip art. Send emails to your friends and teacher with clip art included in your paragraphs. Include it in your paragraphs.
Learn how to insert clip art into your documents.

5 CMC - Computer Mediated Communication

6 Creative Technology

7 Dictionaries/Idioms

8 Disabilities
Links to other sites

9 Encyclopedias
Encyclopedia Britannica on-line

10 English



11 Food

Information and quizzes about food, health and your personality.
Information about food
History of food
You can send your own recipe to this site.
Healthy and unhealthy food

12 Games

13 Create your own learning materials

14 Games for learning English

15 Tools and templates for creating quizzes, and links to other sites your own multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay quizzes. Online and ready-made quizzes. cloze, multiple choice, and comprehension quizzes, or your own homepage.
Create your own multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence,
crossword, matching/ordering, and gap-fill exercises. You can download free software.
Games for kids
Make your own word search

16 Grammar
Grammar rules and writing style, listed alphabetically
Verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, determiners, practice activities, and a grammar clinic
Grammar points, reading, writing, and listening practice
Help for ESL/EFL students
Grammar and structure explanations with quizzes
Hints, rules, and exercises on English grammar

17 Health

18 History

19 Holidays
Students’ holidays
Holidays all over the world

20 Homework

21 How Stuff Works
The way things work

22 Idioms

23 Just for Fun

24 Kids
Links to other sites
Very young children’s links

25 Kids (Teachers’ links/CALL)
Links for children and teachers
Zayed University’s teachers’ links

26 Scientific report rubric

27 Movies
Information about the latest films

28 Museums

29 Muslim Scientists/Philosophers
Middle Eastern religion, life and culture

30 Nasreddin
Quizzes about Nasreddin.

31 Odds & Ends (Strange goods)

32 Online ESL/EFL Journals and links to other resources of Higher Education journal for teachers of writing journal for teachers and students of English about issues in teaching and learning EFL form the Guardian newspaper of educational technology for learning and literacy journal. Articles, teaching techniques, activities, lesson plans, and links of Instructional Science and Technology peer reviewed electronic journal for teachers of writing journal for foreign and second language teachers publication of the TESOL organization

33 Online Magazines
Online magazine for young Europeans. Read it, write and send your article, and see if they will publish it. Tell your friends and teacher if your article is published.

34 Photography
50,000 photos by Bruce Hertzler

35 Poetry
Science and nature poems
Database of poems

36 Pronunciation/ Phonetics
Links to other sites
Comprehensive links
Online phonology course

37 Proverbs & Quotations

38 Publishers
Conference paper with information and links on web publishing.
Addison Wesley Longman
Cambridge University Press
Heinemann ELT
Holt, Rinehart & Winston College
Heinle & Heinle
McGraw Hill
Oxford University Press
Thomson Publishing
University of Michigan Press

39 Puzzles
Make your own puzzles.
Make your own crossword, word search, letter tiles, cryptogram, mazes, and math
Activities for science students

40 Quizzes
You will find quizzes in the grammar and English lists
Foreign language test database
Bilingual quizzes
Internet TESL Journal quizzes

41 Quotations

42 Reading
Commercial site
Reading comprehension exercises
How to become a better reader
Guide to faster reading
SQ3R reading method. Main site has study guides.
Reading lab
Free instructional sites
Speed reading software and online test
Suggestions for increasing and effectiveness of reading
Speed reading exercises
Reading strategies
Speed reading self-pacing methods
Reading better and faster
Reading faster
Useful links
Reading and remembering
Links for reading
Reading exercises
SQ3R reading method and useful reading tips
Reading exercises
How to read 300% faster in 20 minutes

43 Reference/Encyclopedias (Gutenberg Online Library)

44 Report Writing -
Low Level
Report about an animal
Report about Invention/inventors
Report about a planet
Report about an explorer
GCSE scientific report
Book report
Writing a children’s report

45 Science
Links to topics about science
Links to different branches of science

46 Search Engines

47 Security (Computer)
Information about stopping hacking. Online video tutorials
Information about protecting your privacy and stopping hackers
Download integrated software program to protect computer from hackers, viruses and network intrusion
Free firewalls
Scan computer to check security levels
Information about home computer security
Free firewall
Free back ups

48 Slang
Links for learning slang

49 Smileys

50 Songs
List of links
Using music to teach English

51 Space
Sign up to use your computer to search for life on other planets!
Great photos from space

52 Speed reading
See reading

53 Sports
Videos to teach sports.

54 Student Life
How to be a good language student

55 Teachers' CALL Links/ Teaching Ideas/Materials/ Lesson Plans
Comprehensive list of links language activities for different subject areas. and vocabulary exercises based on CNN Newsroom broadcasts. to activities in all language skill areas, quizzes and tests, history, country profiles, science, sports, etc. worksheets. lesson plans divided by skill area and level. lesson plans based on Reuters News. Archives., quizzes, articles, lesson plans, theory, etc. online publication with suggestions for teachers. planning center, newsletters, teaching ideas, subject specific materials, etc.

56 Teacher Training

Cutting Edge CALL Demos
Links for pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, vocabulary, writing, quizzes, by skill level
Links for ESL teachers and learners
Links for resources for teaching, culture, research, radio, journals, etc
Links divided into skill areas and topics
Links to listening, grammar, reading, writing, teachers’ resources, etc
TEFL, TESL, and TESOL links for students and teachers
Links for teachers and students, including reading, writing, and grammar about preparing presentations and speeches. Downloadable Powerpoint presentations that teachers can use in the classroom
Lesson plans divided by skill area and level
Handouts, quizzes, articles, lesson plans, theory, etc
Suggestions and activities
Lesson planning center, newsletters, teaching ideas, subject specific materials, etc.

58 Testing & Assessment - See quizzes

Test of English as a Foreign Language
Information about TOEFL test

Test of English for International Communication

60 Translating

61 Travel
Currency exchange

62 Treasures of Arabia

63 Typing

64 Virtual Offices

65 Vocabulary Students
Links for vocabulary learning learners for teaching simple to advanced vocabulary games
Useful links and ideas for teaching vocabulary to mark texts according to first 1000 words, second 1000 words, and AWL
2000 most common words in English
Academic word list
Test your knowledge of vocabulary
2284 most common words in English
Links to several concordances, including Brown Corpus and Academic Word List
Word and meanings first used by Shakespeare
Latin and Greek elements in English

66 Webquests
Webquests for teachers, students, and adults

67 Web Surfing
Comprehensive on-line tutorial
Instructions on using the Web
Course about web-searching and computing
Internet basics
Teaches you how to surf the net
Research tool for archives of 17 million documents

68 Worksheets
Archive of instant lesson plans based on Reuters’ news
Printable worksheets

69 Why?
The science behind the news.
General knowledge

70 Zoology