Friday, January 28, 2005

Secondary Links

1 Learning How to Web Search

If you do not know how to web surf, use the following link. Go to Click on ICT, Welcome to the Web and follow the instructions on the screen. Your teacher will help you if you do not know what to do. He/she will also give you print outs of the worksheets you have to fill in. You have to click on the boxes marked the Internet, Web Browsers, Searching the Internet, and Researching on the Net.
Comprehensive on-line tutorial
Course about web-searching and computing
Internet basics
Teaches you how to surf the net
Research tool for archives of 17 million documents

2 Using an Online Dictionary

The Internet has special online dictionaries where you can find meanings for words. Go to

3 Online Poetry & Exotic Alphabets

Go to and write your name in exotic alphabets. You can also count to ten in thousands of languages

If you go to, you can write online poetry.

4 Internet Grammar

There are many sites on the Internet where you can study grammar. Click on one of the links below, choose a topic and then follow the instructions on the screen to practice a topic that you need help in. Some are more difficult than others. You can use the quizzes to grade yourself in your knowledge of English. Your teacher will also tell you which topics you need practice in.
Lots of topics/all levels
Self-study grammar quizzes, exercises & puzzles
Songs to Help You learn English

Grammar links for kids
Games for learning English
Exercises for kids
Websites for kids
News articles to help you learn English
Listening activities
Tests, quizzes & crosswords

5 Science

General information about many topics, including movies. Easy to understand.
Interesting links for science & math
Interesting experiments
Wonders of science and technology
Museum of science, art and human perception
Quizzes for science

6 Asking Questions

7 Commercial Site for Science & Maths

8 Charities

9 Children’s Health

10 Blogging

Make up a news letter for your family. Decide on a name for it, make a list of all the items you want in it, and then type it up using word. When you have finished, you can publish it in a blogspot. Go to and follow the instructions on the screen. If you can send emails, it is easy to learn how to blog.

11 Creating Your Own Newspaper

If you go to, you can create your own newspaper and have it delivered to your email account.

12 Links to Newspapers

If you go to, you will find many links to newspapers. Write the name of a newspaper and its url, and then evaluate the website.

13 Date Palms - Writing

Go to You will find information about a competition for recipes using dates in this page. Choose a Malaysian recipe for dates, and send a copy of the recipe to the website. Check to see if the judges choose your recipe, by going back to the website at a later time.

14 Writing

Go to or
Here you will find links for sites that accept writing contributions. They also give tips for writing. Check some of them out. Then follow the instructions on the screen, and send a copy of your poem or story to it. Check later to see if it has been published. You can find tips for writing in or

15 Literature

16 Schools

17 Learning English

18 Space
Scientific activities
Images and animations during Galileo's mission
Information about space and astronomy
Great photos from space

19 Oil

20 Information about Islamic World

21 Encyclopedia of the Orient

22 Commercial Site for Science and Maths

23 Animals in Uniform

24 Smileys

25 Songs
List of links
Using music to teach English

26 Why?
The science behind the news