Monday, January 24, 2005

Primary Links

Some Fun Sites for Primary Children ©D MacKenzie

One site that helps teachers in Malaysia can be found in It has been developed by a CfBT DELC, and contains useful worksheets, information about the Malaysian school syllabi, and useful links, along with other interesting information.

There are many worksheets and activities in the following sites. You can either download and print the worksheets in order for the children to use them in class, or you can let the children use these sites when they are in the computer lab, if you have an internet connection.

1 Alphabets

Go to and write your name in exotic alphabets. You can also count to ten in thousands of languages

2 Poetry

If you go to, you can write online poetry

3 Sites for Learning English

Lots of topics/all levels

Self-study grammar quizzes, exercises & puzzles

Songs to help you learn English

Grammar links for kids

Games for learning English
Exercises for kids

Websites for kids

News articles to help you learn English

Listening activities
Tests, quizzes & crosswords

4 Make a Thunderstorm

5 Online Maths
Excellent online math practice on a variety of topics. Children can use all or some of the pages to develop their knowledge of math.
Games for math
Interesting links for many subjects

6 Sites about Ancient Egypt

7 Ancient History Projects

8 Quiz about Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

9 Activities about Ancient Egypt

10 Animals

11 Shopping

12 Space

Site about Astronomy

Games about science and space

Photos and facts about space

13 Websearching
Internet tutorials
Surfing the Net with Kids

14 Science
Interesting experiment about a water clock
Lots of interesting experiments
Science games
Puzzles and crosswords

Yucky experiments

Chemistry website

Fun site
All areas of science

15 Movies

Visit, then click on movies.

16 Recipes
Recipes for eggs
Kids' recipes
Healthy recipes

17 Fun

18 Health

19 Other Interesting Sites

If you go to you will find lots of interesting sites on a variety of topics. Click on the buttons on the left and follow the instructions on the screen. There is enough information here to keep you busy for hours!

20 Geography

There are many printable exercises on geographical topics in You can download the exercises and then complete them. Interesting topics include the Middle East, deserts of the world, the Earth, world flags, continents and oceans quiz, and labeling the world map. You can also try

Different activities about geographical topics
Information about earthquakes
Maps of world
Quizzes about geography
Activities and pages for geography
Geography games and quizzes
Countries in the news quiz
Travel quiz

Geography game

21 Calendars and Holidays
t to make your own calendar. Print out the pages.

If you print out the weather calendar, you can glue pictures on your calendar. Http://

If you go to, you can mark Islamic holidays on your calendar.

22 Holidays
Website for making Islamic calendar with Saturday as the first day of the week
Multicultural calendar

23 Making a Homepage

Go to and follow the instructions telling you how to make a homepage.

24 Health

If you go to, enter kids and click on word, you will find definitions for words used in medicine.

25 News from Around the World

Go to, and complete the following table by answering the questions who, why, what, where, when. When you finish, you can write a story about Malaysia or any other Asian country, and send it to kidnews.

26 Clipart

Go to You can download the art and save it as a
screensaver, or use it to make cards to send to your friends.

27 Brain Boosters

Go to Click on students and brainboosters. You will find lots of puzzles to help you learn English.

28 Puzzles

Go to You can have fun with your friends by making up your own puzzles, crosswords and cryptograms.

29 Crafts

30 Disney Homepage

31 BBC - from age 2!

32 Miscellaneous
Links to kids’ sites
Activities for kids
Ask Jeeves for Kids
News for kids
Web guide for kids
Puzzles for kids
Time magazine for kids
Blogging for kids
Learning how to surf
Great work for kids
News for kids
Sites for kids
Kids links
Great links