Monday, January 24, 2005



A Introduction

1 Today you are going to learn how to blog.

2 Go to and follow the instructions on the screen.

3 Click on start now.

4 To create an account, type user name, first name, email address, and new password, and retype password. Remember to write down your password and the name of the blog, otherwise you will never find it again. (If you have an account, sign in).

5 Click on create a new blog in your blogs on the right side of the screen.

6 Type an introduction about yourself into your blog.

7 Save the blog.

8 Exit

9 Type your blogger address http:// (????? in the search box to make sure that you can access it again.

10 Send me the address of your blogspot so that other teachers in the district can access your work.

11 If you want your work to be displayed in this blog, send your blogspot address to

2 What can we use blogging for?

A Keeping a diary

B Sending news to our friends and family

C Informing people about events, e.g. news about a club

D Keeping a class informed about class work, quizzes, exams etc

E Keeping everyone informed about new activities in the district, useful links, new worksheets for teachers, and other useful information

F Storing photos to share with other people

G Displaying the children’s work

3 Blogging Your Classwork

Work that can be included in your blogspot includes the following:

1 Summaries

2 Paraphrased sentences and paragraphs

3 Essays

4 Outlines

5 Presentations (outline and summary or essay)

6 Children’s writing

7 Teachers’ writing